Upcoming Conference: RSA

Tomorrow, the conference of the Renaissance Society America will commmence. This year the RSA will take place in Dublin. Naturally, the EURONEWS project cannot be absent from this venue. Therefore, I will present on the second day of the conference, Thursday 31 March. Together with my supervisor Prof. Brendan Dooley and with Dr. Davide Boerio, postdoc in our project, I will form a panel that will start at 09:00 in a room at the main venue, the Convention Center Dublin. Details can be found here.

My wish is use this opportunity to disclose some of my digital strategies in studying manuscript newsletters. This can of course also be understood from the abstract of my paper which follows:

Early-modern news networks are often said to be best studied in their entirety. But so far, no-one has been able to offer a convincing overview of how the system worked. This contribution suggests how to achieve this by combining micro and macro approaches. By transcribing all the sources around one specific moment in time – in this case March 1575 till March 1576, coinciding amongst others with a constitutional crisis in Genoa – it has been able to offer a synchronic description of the dynamics of the news system in the sixteenth century. By applying digital methodologies, we get both qualitative and quantitative results that would remain otherwise unachievable, such as (word) frequencies, travel times and attested copies. This gives us new insights in how both the manuscript newspapers themselves disseminated over the European continent as well as the concepts and ideas contained in their pages.

Carlotta Paltrinieri – who herself used to work within the EURONEWS project – will lead the panel as chair. On the same day, my colleague PhD at UCC Sara Mansutti will also talk at the RSA in another panel.

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