Upcoming Conference: Questioning Republicanism

This week, I am participating in the conference ‘Questioning Republicanism in Early Modern Genoa.’ Originally, this event was planned to be held in Genoa but because of the covid crisis it was, unfortunately, moved to the digital realm. On the bright side, the advantage of this is that it will be much easier for everyone to watch the papers.

My own contribution will be tomorrow at 15:00 on the Genoese crisis of 1575-76. I will talk about how the two parties in this crisis, the so-called vecchi and nuovi, were portrayed in the manuscript newspapers of this time, in particular in relation to the great powers, Spain and France. It will become clear that one cannot be understood without the other.

Moreover, I will also give some insights in the new methods I have developed for the study of the avvisi. This is the very first time that these will be put to practice for the public.

For anyone interested, the conference can be watched following this zoom link.

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