Past event: Opening Virtual Exhibition

The following is from a few months back, but we had not shared the recording at this venue yet. The EURONEWS project has been working for a while on the news of what is perhaps the most stupefying siege from the early-modern period. The Siege of Ostend was so unusual because it lasted for no less than three years. Therefore, the EURONEWS project has worked for a long time to collect several reports coming from this event. This has led to a digital exhibition for which I have also written several contributions, and which can be visited here.

In occasion of the opening of this digital exhibition, the EURONEWS project has organized an official opening. This featured also a round-table, with many eminent scholars, among whom the supervisor of my MA thesis, Dr. Raymond Fagel. Therefore, I was very excited and honoured to be the moderator of this round table.

The recording of this event was uploaded to the channel of the project and will be embedded here below. The round table itself starts around 18:30.

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